Ceramic Armor Plates

Today, the demand for ceramic armor has been propelled in the aerospace & defense industries and is increasingly being used in the manufacturing of vests, backpacks, and vehicle panels for military applications.

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Since its introduction during the Vietnam War, ceramic armor has developed into a modern solution for defeating ballistic threats. Armor solutions utilizing ceramics are commonly used to protect vehicles, personnel, aircraft, and marine vessels due to their lightweight and high hardness.

In the aerospace industry, materials such as alumina, boron carbide, silicon carbide, and ceramic matrix composites are used to manufacture armors, which protect fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Ceramic armors have been used in land vehicles as well where weight is critical. For the lightest weight performance, a high-quality ceramic is needed.

SINTX has entered the ceramic armor market through the purchase of B4C, LLC and a technology partnership with Precision Ceramics USA. SINTX will develop and manufacture high-performance ceramics for personnel, aircraft, and vehicle armor including:

  • A 100% Boron Carbide material for ultimate lightweight performance in ballistic applications.
  • A composite material made of Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide – licensed from Precision Ceramics USA – for exceptional multi-hit performance against ballistic threats.

Body Armor

There is an increasing demand for lightweight, comfortable ceramic armor with advanced protection. SINTX’s BoroShock is a 100% boron carbide ceramic, offering advanced hardness along with light weight. It can also be formed into double curved torso plates, making it an ideal material for body armor.

Vehicle Armor

Armor can make military vehicles safer for the personnel inside—but it can also add weight and restrict mobility. SINTX’s BoroShock and DuraShock ceramics are used as part of composite armor solutions to address this issue. The high hardness of ceramic can also spread the kinetic energy of projectiles.68

Aerospace Armor

A major challenge for aviation is to provide ballistic protection in the lightest, most compact means possible. This is where ceramic armor excels, offering the best protection at the lightest weight. Ceramic from SINTX offers an excellent protection-to-weight ratio without impacting aircraft performance.69
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