Industrial Silicon Nitride: What is it?

SINTX Industrial Silicon Nitride is a dense version of silicon nitride focused on industrial applications where strength, toughness, and wear resistance are important. SINTX manufactures one of the strongest silicon nitride ceramics on the planet, with a validated medical device process that consistently produces strength values ~1 GPa43. Industrial Silicon Nitride has exceptional durability and hardiness and is ideal for severe service applications.


Industrial Silicon Nitride is manufactured under highly controlled conditions and exhibits quality and performance that exceeds other materials.

Silicon nitride pad

Aerospace Materials

Industrial Silicon Nitride can effectively replace legacy materials used in ball bearings, radomes, and RF windows for extreme applications. The ability to customize silicon nitride to a specific application is crucial to the overall optimization of these ceramics in the aerospace industry.


Owing to its excellent thermal shock resistance compared to other industrial ceramics in the automotive industry, Industrial Silicon Nitride can be used for the fabrication of high-performance all-ceramic or hybrid steel-ceramic rolling contact bearings.

Cutting Tools

The superior material properties of Industrial Silicon Nitride can cut cast iron and hard steel as well as nickel-based alloys with surface speeds up to 25 times faster than conventional machining materials such as tungsten carbide 38,39,40.


Because Industrial Silicon Nitride has superior strength, wear, temperature, and corrosion resistance, and insulating, conducting, or superconducting characteristics, it is extremely suitable for energy applications
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