Our Company

We provide comprehensive advanced ceramic technology solutions across a wide range of industries. We draw upon our strengths in innovation, quality, and advanced manufacturing. These strengths have been distilled from our origins developing technical ceramic and composite components for biomedical, aerospace, defense, and energy markets.

We have an FDA and ANVISA registered manufacturing facility. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and AS9100D.

SINTX is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (SINT).

Our Quality Policy

At SINTX we do the right things at the right time and we do them right the first time.

Our Facility

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquarters in Salt Lake City, which gives us the ability to manage all aspects of the silicon nitride manufacturing process in-house. At the same time, we can maintain a high level of responsiveness to our customer’s needs. This is due to our tightly integrated company culture, coupled with advanced manufacturing equipment.

Powder Preparation

We control all aspects of the silicon nitride manufacturing process which begins with powder preparation. Producing our own powder gives us the ability to provide the material properties our customers demand.

Dry Pressing

We support multiple methodologies for the creation of green blanks prior to machining. These are mechanical pressing and isostatic pressing.

Green Machining

Machining in the green state aids in controlling production costs. With up to 5 axis capability, our shop can manufacture most geometries and volume from prototype to production levels. The key to successful green machining is our control of the silicon nitride powder and forming methods. That control provides an understanding of how the green components change during the sintering process so final dimensions are achieved.

Our new laser can produce complex texturing patterns on our spinal implants which may be ideal for bone growth.


Once machined, green parts go through a debinding process followed by sintering and hot isostatic pressing to yield a component that is nearly 99.9% of its theoretical density.

Quality Control

In Quality Control, we are able to monitor all aspects of the silicon nitride manufacturing process from powder properties through final dimensions, density, and mechanical integrity.

R&D Cell

Our R&D Cell has equipment for processing silicon nitride powder and impregnating it into fabrics as well as full capabilities for compounding, extrusion, and 3D printing of silicon nitride-containing polymer composites.

R&D Lab

The R&D Lab has equipment for characterizing powders and measuring their properties, high quality microscopes with image processing capabilities, and a cell for examining the effectiveness of materials against low level pathogens.

silicon nitride implant

Private Label Options

Private label partnerships allow companies to leverage our advanced material and validated designs with their existing proven brand. This strategy provides significant market differentiation and accelerated market access.