At SINTX Technologies, we are committed to the advancement of high-tech ceramics in multiple industries. From day one, we have been passionate about leveraging our expertise in the high-tech ceramics industry to create new, innovative opportunities in multiple sectors, including biomedical, industrial and energy. We are currently manufacturing the following material: Silicon Nitride, SN-PEEK, and Antipathogenic Powder.

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Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride is an advanced ceramic with a unique set of properties that make it ideal for use in both biomedical and industrial applications. Silicon nitride…

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SINTX’s BoroShock is a 90% boron carbide ceramic, offering advanced hardness along with light weight63. Suitable for personnel, aircraft, and vehicle armor, it…

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DuraShock is a composite armor material made of Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide—licensed from Precision Ceramics USA—for exceptional multi-hit performance against ballistic threats.

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Si3n4 Applications

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) has made great strides in recent years beyond the biomedical industry. R&D has led to the development of a number of

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SINTX’s FleX-SN brand of silicon nitride products is created under a highly flexible R&D model, with unmatched quality and performance. Only FleX-SN branded products offer

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