The Ideal Antipathogenic Solution

Today, there is a global need to improve protection against pathogens in everyday life. SINTX believes that by incorporating its unique composition of FleX-SN AP (Silicon nitride antipathogenic powder) into products such as face masks and personal protective equipment, it is possible to manufacture surfaces that inactivate viral particles, thereby limiting the spread of the disease.

Work with us as an OEM partner to develop products utilizing our FleX-SN AP line of products. Our leading R&D and manufacturing teams can collaborate on specialized and niche application development for your company. SINTX can help you develop the most effective way to utilize our FleX-SN AP for maximum efficacy and lowest cost.

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Current antiviral mask technologies rely on copper, citric acid, or other materials that are effective for 4 hours or less26, which limits their viability to short-term, one-time use. Given that SARS-CoV-2, the leading cause of COVID-19, has been shown to remain active on mask filter materials for up to 7 days2,27, the prolonged use and reuse of masks and mask filters present a significant secondary exposure risk. FleX SN-AP has rapid antipathogenic activity against a broad range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 1,2. It can help create a safe and effective consumer face mask with broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral activity.
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Surgical Gowns, Drapes, and Curtains

From surgical drapes to gowns to antimicrobial bedsheets to medical tools, we are working with our partners to revolutionize their product lines with FleX-SN AP. This will help minimize the chance for healthcare-associated infections, which account for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. alone28.


Now more than ever, we understand the importance of air quality and disease control. SINTX is working with partners to develop air filters that reduce the spread of pathogens. With FleX-SN AP, cabin filters for cars and public transit could not just filter dust and allergens, but also filter and inactivate bacteria and viruses.

Consumer Products (High Touch Products)

There are a range of high-touch consumer products that could benefit from antipathogenic technology. In one recent report, it was discovered that cell phones typically carry "10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats"29. The same is true for tablets, keyboards, and other IT devices. SINTX is working with several companies to develop new antipathogenic products. This technology could expand to a wide variety of other high-touch products used by consumers every day.

Public Transportation (High Touch Surfaces)

Considering that 80% of bacteria are transmitted by hands and 76 out of 100 people either don't wash their hands at all or don't use soap2, significant pathogens are lurking in public transportation systems. This would include taxis and rideshare vehicles, subways, airplanes, cruise lines, and even escalators and elevators. SINTX is developing technology that can be used to treat high-touch surfaces and reduce risk to the public.
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