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A New Use for Silicon Nitride Powder: In Fabrics

July 14, 2021
SINTX Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of medical grade silicon nitride (Si3N4). Since …
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SINTX Attends ACFAS Conference

June 24, 2021
Customer Excitement at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Scientific Conference in …
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Comprehensive in vitro comparison of cellular and osteogenic response to alternative biomaterials for spinal implants

Author(s): Seunghun S. Lee, Stephanie Huber, Stephen J. Ferguson A variety of novel biomaterials are …
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2-Level ACDF Using Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Implants Review

June 14, 2021
Research by Graham Calvert, M.D. Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center SUMMARY¬† A 50-year-old female …
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Differential Bacterial Expression on Silicon Nitride, PEEK, and Titanium Surfaces

Authors:¬† B.J. McEntire, E.N. Jones, D. Ray, R.M. Bock, B.S. Bal, and G. Pezzotti Infected …
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Decreased Bacteria Activity on Si3N4 Surfaces Compared with PEEK or Titanium

Author(s): D.J. Gorth, S. Puckett, B. Ercan, T.J. Webster, M. Rahaman, and B.S. Bal A …
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Patent Application US20130302509: Antibacterial Biomedical Implants and Associated Materials, Apparatus, and Methods

Author(s): McEntire BJ, Lakshminarayanan R, Davis K, Grimaldi N, Pezzotti G Antibacterial Biomedical Implants and …
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Anti-Infective and Osteointegration Properties of Silicon Nitride, Poly (Ether Ether Ketone), and Titanium Implants

Author(s): T.J. Webster, A.A. Patel, M.N. Rahaman, and B.S. BalT.J. Webster, A.A. Patel, M.N. Rahaman, …
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In Vivo Bone Formation and Bacterial Infection Between Silicon Nitride Ceramic, PEEK, and Titanium

Author(s): B.J. McEntire, A. Lakshminarayanan, B.S. Bal, T. Webster, B. Ercan, and D. Gorth Superior …
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