Industrial Powder: What is it?

Industrial Powder is a silicon nitride powder focused on industrial applications where its flexible applicability is important.

SINTX has developed dense silicon nitride powders and grains for industrial applications where strength, toughness, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance are important. SINTX manufactures one of the strongest silicon nitride materials on the planet, with a flexural strength > 1.0 GPa43. These powder and grain products can be supplied in fine or coarse versions.


Industrial Powder is manufactured under highly controlled conditions and exhibits quality and performance that exceeds other materials.

Silicon Nitride Applications

Automotive & Aerospace Brakes

With its superior thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, strength, toughness, and chemical inertness, Industrial Powder is the ideal material as an additive grain for braking systems in high-performance automobile and aerospace vehicles. The addition of silicon nitride provides a quieter braking system under a wide range of temperatures and road conditions41.
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