SINTX’s FleX-SN MC2 is the only dense silicon nitride material with a history of experimental and clinical data (over 130 peer-reviewed publications) to support its use inside the body. It is also the only silicon nitride material used in FDA-cleared medical implants.

Beneficial Properties of Silicon Nitride (FleX-SN MC2):

  • Material phase stability44
  • Strength and fracture toughness42
  • Hydrophilicity45
  • Bacterial resistance46,11
  • Favorable imaging47
  • Wear resistance44,48
  • Osteoconductivity6,7,12
  • Osteoinductivity13,49
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Spinal Implants

With over 40,000 human spine implantations over the past 10 years and a very low percentage of reported adverse events, FleX-SN MC2 has an excellent safety record8. It is biocompatible, bioactive, and has shown bacterial resistance and superb bone affinity4.
silicon nitride dental applications

Dental Implants

As a dental implant material, FleX-SN MC2 has been thoroughly tested to ISO 10993-01 standards and been shown to be highly biocompatible5,13,14. Silicon nitride is metal free, like all ceramics, and free of corrosion, galvanism, and electronic disturbances.


When compared to other biomaterials, FleX-SN MC2 has been shown to remove oxygen from the tribo-layer22,23,24,25, potentially avoiding long-term degradation of polyethylene in hip and knee replacements and extending the life of these synthetic joints.
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