Overcoming Challenges of Misinformation


During the participation of SINTX Technologies at SheTech 2022 Technical Challenge by the Women’s Technical Council, our mentors Cari Dietrich and Sherry Van Mondfrans worked with high school students to overcome the challenges of the global spread of misinformation. With such abundance of information and the ease with which it can being shared, it can be a real challenge for scientists and engineers to evaluate. Students in the challenge were also aware how false rumors could be quickly shared about them and spread to shape decisions of their peers.

At SINTX, we pride ourselves as only relying on scientifically based information from peer-reviewed publications, reputable journals, patents, and testing data performed following industry approved codes and standards. This effort ensures we are providing data in our reports based on facts.

As the students worked through the challenge to find solutions, they were faced with the inevitability that misinformation is going to be published. Consumers of the information need to find multiple sources to ‘fact-check’ whether by person or with machine learning software. Many of the published works at SINTX are peer-reviewed ensuring that subject matter experts in the area have cross-checked and verified the information. Furthermore, we provide data from two or more sources in our publications to compare our results to independent third parties. SINTX diligently performs research and development on products that can be validated and certified by regulating bodies such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Claims are not made that cannot be demonstrated on products and backed up with data.

The next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students tackled the problem of misinformation in a collaborative way, which was truly inspiring. They considered the impact of their solutions and what effect those solutions would have on themselves as well as peers and adults. At SINTX we aspire to provide solutions and create products for our customers, employees, and the world in the same way. This is an excellent reminder to always check your sources and be assured that SINTX is led by a team of scientists and engineers who will only bring you well researched information and high-quality products on which you can depend.

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