Silicon Nitride Garners Interest from Dental Community at IAOCI Conference

In August 2021, Michael Marcroft, SINTX VP of Business Development, attended the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI) World Congress to better understand the latest trends and meet with prospective partners, within the ceramic dental implant industry. It was a fantastic three-day event which very much supported the idea that ceramic dental implants are a critical component of future dentistry. SINTX met with multiple exhibiting companies, to explore the potential for partnership in commercializing a silicon nitride dental implant system.

Titanium is the traditional material for dental implants, but some patients with this type of implant experience metal-related sensitivities. These sensitivities present as inflammation around the implant, rashes, headaches, and various other types of issues. Experiencing any of these problems is significant because implants are intended to be permanent and are therefore difficult to remove. Ceramic materials such as silicon nitride can be an excellent solution for these patients!

Similar to clinicians in other specialty areas, dentists seek ways to reduce infections and complications. This is a key reason that SINTX has garnered interest from dental companies. Silicon nitride has demonstrated bacteriostatic properties, which is one of the most important benefits that a medical material can provide. These benefits have been demonstrated against E. coli and S. epidermidis in multiple studies. S. epidermidis alone accounts for a significant portion of medical implant related infections.

An additional challenge in dentistry is periodontitis. This very serious disease damages the soft tissue of the gums and can destroy the bone that supports teeth. Early research has shown that silicon nitride may counteract P. gingivalis, which is the bacterium primarily responsible for periodontitis. Successfully managing this dangerous bacterium would benefit many, many patients who would otherwise be in a very dangerous situation.

The use of ceramics as dental implant materials continues to grow around the world. The US has trailed other countries in use of ceramics in the past, but the trends are very positive. Silicon nitride’s properties, unique even among other ceramic implant materials, could be a potential game changer. We are excited to explore the possibilities with prospective dental implant partners and look forward to success within this critical medical specialty.

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