The Demand and Applications of Silicon Nitride Will Expand in the Future

Silicon nitride is a unique material that is composed of both silicon and nitrogen. While it was discovered more than 150 years ago, it did not reach industry until the 1950s. During the next few decades, research into the material led to a number of different applications for materials based on silicon nitride. Some of the types of silicon nitride that were developed include reaction-bonded silicon nitride, sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride, and partial pressure sintered silicon nitride, among others. With multiple types of silicon nitride having been produced, there has been a great deal of flexibility surrounding the potential uses of silicon nitride. Each type of silicon nitride has different advantages that make it useful in various ways. This customization has led to the rapid growth of silicon nitride throughout multiple industries. Because there is so much demand for silicon nitride in today’s markets, this represents one of the fastest-growing materials in the world of industrial applications.

Key Properties of Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride has a number of different properties that make it effective in multiple arenas. Even at a high temperature, silicon nitride has a low density, a high bending strength, extreme fracture toughness, and solid particle erosion resistance. This makes this material extremely durable. In addition, the thermal properties of silicon nitride make it perfect for industrial applications. It has a low thermal conductivity which allows it to resist the force of extreme temperatures. Furthermore, a low thermal expansion coefficient means that it does not distort its shape under extreme temperatures. Finally, silicon nitride also has strong bonds which make it resistant to corrosion even when exposed to substances that have an extreme pH. Its strength, toughness, and durability have made silicon nitride effective in a variety of applications.

An Overview of Applications

Silicon nitride plays a tremendous role in the automotive industry. This material is used for engine parts, engine accessory units, exhaust control valves, glow plugs, and more. As the regulations surrounding emissions increase, silicon nitride will only become more common. Due to silicon nitride’s shock resistance, this material is also used in rolling contact bearings. These bearings are used to extend contact fatigue life.  In addition, one of the largest applications of silicon nitride is in the biomedical field. It has been used successfully in spinal, orthopedic, and dental implants.

SINTX Technologies is Primed to Expand the Applications of Silicon Nitride

While silicon nitride has already proven its effectiveness in a variety of areas, this is still a relatively new and unknown material. SINTX Technologies is able to use silicon nitride to create custom shapes and properties. These tools have already proven effective in the biomedical market and are primed to expand the presence of silicon nitride in the industrial world. Currently, SINTX is the only FDA approved silicon nitride manufacturer in the biomaterials industry. SINTX already has more than three decades of experience working with silicon nitride and has had more than a dozen patents issued. SINTX is primed to expand the silicon nitride market in the future.

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